Today Anna tried riding a skateboard for the first time! She's only 19 months, so she didn't go off any jumps or anything. Actually, she was a little scared to get on the board with me. But after a little negotiating (not an easy feat with a toddler) I convinced her to jump on (see video at the bottom). 

She liked me holding her while riding more than sitting. 

She liked me holding her while riding more than sitting. 

I'm not an avid skater, but I have been cruising around on a board since I was a kid. In California skating has always been pretty popular. So I brought this board with me to Japan when I moved out here (it was going away gift, thanks again Sammy). 

Our first ride was sitting down and she didn't like it, immediately she said "all done,all done", which means "no I'm scared" in Anna language. At the end of the first run I lost control and that scared her a bit. It took some time and she asked me to skate around. After seeing how much fun I was having, she decided to give it another try. The second run was much better! 

In the end  she definitely enjoyed me holding her and cruising around. It was fun! I can't wait until she's old enough to take her to the skatepark!


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