Usually for my articles I include references to academic articles. I do this to show my readers where I'm getting my data from so you can make conclusions based on the evidence. But for this article it is not needed.

The reason I don't need to show you evidence of a Trump Amerikkka is because one look at the Internet or the news will show you what I'm talking about. Hate crimes followed by pleas for peace. However it's difficult to be peaceful when the leader of the KKK openly showed his support for Trump and instigated the hate that followed.

"I'm not racist I just wanted an end to the corruption"

Their were 2 other 3rd party candidates that would have ended the corruption and imagine the look on the establishment if Jill Stein (Green Party)or Garry Johnson ( Libertarian Party) would have won. But this wasn't about corruption it was about you feeling like a winner.

Unfortunately your win meant others would have to suffer bigotry and hate crimes. But since no one you know is effected it's a price you don't mind others paying.

Let's play with the idea that in the back of your mind you don't have stereotypes towards others not of your race or ethnicity. When you voted did you stop and think that their were legitimate racists voting for him ?

"You're spreading hate"

This was the same slogan you used for Obama. But Obama isn't president now so who's saying "white power" and calling black people n----rs across Amerikkka.

Meanwhile the conservative media is feeding you videos of innocent old people being beat up. While the liberal media is showing you videos of the KKK and other white supremacy groups hurting people of color and members of the LGBTQ (Lesbian Transgendered, Gay, Lesbian, Questioning) community. As well as  being Muslim woman being targeted and assaulted for wearing a Hijab. 

I'm not burning any cars to protest. But why are you so quick to get angry at the reaction Trump started?

I'm not the one who ran for president calling Mexicans rapists and Illegal immigrants. I'm not the one who wants to register Muslims like Hitler did to Jews during the Holocaust. So tell me who is really spreading the hate?

"But I'm a minority and I voted for him"

People are shocked that blatant racism still exists in Amerikkka but not us. If you're a person of color you knew this as a fact. Which makes it even more interesting that you voted for someone who clearly didn't have your interests in mind.

Maybe you wanted to believe that everyone would calm down once it was over. But the truth is your fear played right into Trump's hands.

I know because I suspect some members of my Puerto Rican family may have voted for him because of how much they hated Obama and their Neo-Conservative values. Even though they saw the video of Trump calling Puerto Ricans his least favorite Mexican.

They must have felt it was just him putting on a show. Sticks and stones I guess. But it does not excuse them from  being a part of perpetuating bigotry and xenophobia. 

If you have family that voted for him stop making excuses for them. I'm not making any excuses for my family members that voted him. They know better than to even bring it up around me. I even stopped following some of them on Facebook because of their racist posts about our first Black President.

Their will be no hugs for them during Thanksgiving and I am prepared to walk out if they bring it up. Imagine if you were gay. If your family is really conservative, these may be the same people that would disown you. But let me guess your ok with that because you had to imagine being part of a community you don't belong to. It's a good thing your not gay or muslim. 

"We're all in the same plane"

Well you are but I'm not. I've been using a different airline for a while now. If race isn't enough, climate change should be. It should concern you that Trump plans to defund clean energy and pump up oil production. 

But aside from all of that, I don't wish for a failed Trump presidency. I hope he'll do his job as a president and unite the people. I also hope you helps poor communities in the South as well as the inner cities. I hope he comes through with terms for how long someone can sit in congress. As  well as reinvest into America's infrastructure. 

But all of these things could have been done with out the racist,homophobic and xenophobic rhetoric. 

I don't understand the root for the bad guy philosophy because I have never rooted for a bad guy. 

"Go back to your country"

When I finished my research study on racism as an undergraduate I was upset about how many of my peers in Southern California ( a progressive state) were covertly racist. I decided that I would move out of the country because I foresaw a Trump Amerikkka and decided not to be a part of it.

Although Japan has its issues with racism, I'll never have to worry about the type of violence I'm witnessing in the U.S. now. This is why I'm still not sure if I'll ever move back.

For those of you who will see me soon keep this in mind while you talk to me. I'll let it go that your ignorant and partially responsible for perpetuating hate. But please spare me the excuses if you voted for him. 


I'm proud to be an American but the rest of you Amerkkkan's need to understand it's 2016 and we are not giving up on the America we believe in that is inclusive of every race, ethnicity regardless of their immigration status, sexual orientation or religion. 

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Angelo Ferrer ( M.S. Psychology)


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