I heard someone saying the other day that they were trying out a new diet. No carbs, only protein and eat what people were originally designed to eat. Then they went on some rant about a recent study showing how effective it is. The only problem was they couldn't stick to the diet. 

With obesity rates rising many people worry about their diets. So to lose a couple of pounds they try some fad diet. But once they finish the diet they go back to eating fast food. 

The restaurant industry uses more salt and sugar which activates the pleasure center of your brain. This is the same center for sex and drugs (and some would throw in rock and roll). The reason why people bounce off their fad diet and end up back at McDonald's is because of being addicted to an unhealthy diet.

Having a hard time sticking to it?

Fad diets are too extreme. Instead try something simple. Viewing eating unhealthy as an addiction, don't quit cold turkey. Rather cut it off slow. Start eating and cooking at home. They can be prepared foods you buy from the supermarket. I found your local meat department has some awesome seasoned meat that is actually cheaper than going out to eat. You can save money and be healthy. 

Don't beat yourself up if you slip!

If you eat healthy and throw in 30 minutes of cardio and slip up. No worries just get back to it the next day. 

Eating healthy doesn't mean losing weight. Ask your doctor what your blood sugar levels are and cholesterol. This is a true indicator of health, not your looks.

Good luck and remember fad diets don't work but living healthy does!

Bon Appetite! 

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Angelo Ferrer ( M.S. Psychology)


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