No one wants to see their heroes fall from grace.  But with the intensity of competition growing so is performance enhancing drug use (PED).


Recently the world of tennis was shocked to find out that. Maria Sharapova    admitted to using PED's for the last 10 years (Kelland, 2016) Sharapova stated that she was taking Meldonium for a heart condition and has already lost her endorsements because if it.  The medication she was given by her doctor was banned in some countries but not in Russia.


What are PED's?


PED's are an umbrella term that the world anti-doping agency (WADA) uses to describe any substance they believe will enhance an athletes performance. But the problem is that some of these substances are used for legitimate health conditions. The other issue is the publics image of a PED, is an athlete sticking a steroid needle somewhere it doesn't belong.  This is far from what many athletes are being pegged for.


Former UFC Middle Weight Champion Anderson Silva also had a similar situation.  He was given a prescription medication for a leg injury he sustained after breaking his leg in a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight. Later after recovering, the medication brought the Nevada athletic commission down on him as well.  By the time the mess was cleared up (maybe in time similar to Sharapova) his image was tarnished, and he lost a large amount money.


Are these anti-doping agencies going to far?


Some would say so. There’s money to be made and worse of all when the government gets involved, it comes out of taxpayer’s pockets. That means every time you see an athlete in the U.S. get nailed for PED use, you as a taxpayer are paying for their drug testing and litigation (Stevens, 2014).


  In Sharapova’s case she has a legitimate heart condition. It also important to note that cases like Sharpova are not uncommon. So each time this occurs in the U.S.  it not only wastes money, but it also doesn’t actually pan out to catchingathletes using PED’s.


Cheating is wrong, but should an athlete lose everything over a technicality?


Also should this be coming out of your tax dollars?



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Angelo Ferrer ( M.S. Psychology)





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