Vegans have been accused of being judgmental and almost religious when it comes to their values and diets. Recently UFC fighter Nick Diaz submitted feather weight Champion Conor McGregor in an exhibition cage fight. Now Vegans are using this as an example of the strength that a vegan diet can have(Lampert, 2016). 

There's only one problem. Diaz is not a vegan! 

Diaz has been found eating fish,which is meat and against the vegan diet (McKeever, 2016). Vegans claim that eating a diet that is completely free of all animals is the only way to truly get your Vegan Super Powers! This means no meat or animal products like milk. 

Diaz is in danger of having his vegan licence revoked! 

But in defense of Diaz he does try his best to follow a Vegan diet when he can (McKeever, 2016). But it goes to show that he still needs the protein that only meat can provide. 

Now this isn't meant to knock vegans or vegetarians in any way. It just seems like there are many people who are following a pecpetarian diet who would like to be on the vegan bandwagon. 

The fight itself was a great one! McGregor fought without cutting weight and Diaz did a pretty big weight cut to meet him in the cage. But being almost Vegan was not the reason he won. 

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Sifu Angelo Ferrer
(2nd Degree Black Belt) 


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