The baby boomer generation experienced something that has grown to be lost. Inflation didn't hit it's peak and they were able to move out at the age of 18 without breaking the bank. 

What was the biggest difference between then and now ?

They would like you to believe that they worked harder. In their defense most likely they did do more manual labor. But with the changing of technology leading to more information based fields, there was a change in the direction of the market. Unfortunately at the same time globalization pushed for jobs to go overseas (Kaplan, 2012). 

What is a non-baby boomer to do?

They did all the right things. They took a loan out to pay for their tuition. They paid twice as much for school then the generation before. They studied business and other "hard science" majors to succeed. Only to to be offered the same jobs the previous generation were given without a college degree (Myktf & Macrtney, 2011). So they gave up and moved back home. 

They are entitled!

Those entitled brats moved back home and now they want it all. They just sit around collecting welfare while the baby boomers pay the bills.

But is that what is really going on? 

According to South & Lei (2015) the recession effected the economy the same way black Friday did during the great depression. However, thanks (or no thanks) to the credit system, this generation was spared by going into life long debt. Debt into having to pay off their higher education that costed more and they could not escape the fees through bankruptcy. 

So why all the fuss?

I think it's interesting that during the political primaries every Joe Shmoe is suddenly a political scientist, social analyst, activist and advocate of social justice. It's funny because they are eating up all of the lies fed to them, by all of the politicians running for office, using the statistics(collected by social researchers) to get you to vote for them. But after the election is over all the sheeple go back to their cubicles and forget about everything that led to that point. Hoping their candidate will change things. 

So what's next?

Only time will tell. But there is a lot more going on and with the internet you have no excuse to look on google scholar (not wikipedia) to find some credible research if you are really interested in social issues. Unless you're just angry and looking to vent. Then by all means carry on. 

Social Gelo with Angelo 

Angelo Ferrer (M.S. Psychology) 


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