Dan Carlin the host of the Hardcore history podcast once said that:

"People that are living through an era don't know they are living through it"

In other words when something amazing is happening in history the people experiencing this amazing event, are too caught up in the moment to realize how amazing the moment really is. 

Right now we are living through one of those moments. 

The internet is still relatively young.When you look at how vast history is, you get this sense that as humans we still haven't figured out how to use the Internet. We have the power to connect with people from across the world!But this power is taken for granted because of how easy it is to access it.

In my lifetime I have witnessed the Internet evolve from random chatrooms and dial up. To the light speed social networking beast it has become. 

What do people do now that they can connect with everyone?

This is a question civilizations will ask about us 100 years from now. The answers are a little sad. 

What do we do?

Some connect with friends on Facebook. Others destroy and troll people on Twitter. While a few prefer to make 3 minute videos on YouTube. 3 minutes because the average attention span in this age is less than a goldfish (Paul et al, 2012). 

What is the potential?

We have the potential to do so much more than send dick pics and watch 2 minute twerking videos! I believe if people can take the time to interact the same way they do in person, online, it can be more than just a passing moment.You know, like when you see someone in their car in the freeway. This lack of community is what allows you to cut them off while flipping them the bird. 

Would you still be interacting this way of the person was some one you knew?

Then why should this be any different online? 

Social Gelo with Angelo 

Angelo Ferrer (M.S. Psychology)


Paul, J. A., Baker, H. M., & Cochran, J. D. (2012). Effect of online social networking on student academic performance. Computers in Human Behavior, 28(6), 2117-2127.


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