It can get really easy to let the negativity of the world around you change how you see people. It also seems that there are a million things that divide us and the people we interact with on a daily basis.

How do you interact with people? 

If you walk in to a room full of strangers and assume they will hate you, then this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Now compare that to walking into the same room and having the time of your life, because you're not going to let anyone change how you feel. 

If you feel good you will attract good people. If you feel bad you'll attract the same energy that sustains that. This is why it's important to be in tune with how you feel. 

Now it's impossible to feel good all the time. But if you're in tune with how you feel you can prepare yourself for what you will encounter in your day, be it good or bad. 

I often think about how groups of people who had it way worse than me stayed happy through out the worse circumstances. They truly walked into rooms full of people who hated them and turned it around. 

How can I achieve that kind of strength? 

A goal is just something to aim at 

-Bruce Lee 

Much love

Social Gelo with Angelo 

Angelo Ferrer (M.S. Psychology)


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