I started listening to internet radio about 7 years ago because I fucking hated FM radio. I was sick of it! The commercials, the fake DJ's, the media marketing, top 40, all of it! 

FM radio is big brother, big sister and everything that is wrong with corporate America

Most of FM radio was bought out by Clear Channel (now IHeartinc.) around 1998 (Potter, 2000). By the year 2000 most of everything you heard on FM and AM radio, was being orchestrated by ClearChannel. 

"That's the day the music died"   - Bill Cassidy

The problem was that, with this, followed the same American Idol format all across the Nation. There used to be a day that music was made by regular people that sucked. They played everyday and got good enough to record their first album. Once it was recorded they gave it to their local radio station. This gave them a platform to be discovered. 

Welcome to the Borg

Fast forward to now and you don't hear a local band in the top 40 roster any more. The reason is that for a local artist to be in the top 40 roster, they have to pay IHeartinc for primetime air. This is when all music and radio talk shows, became the media puppets you hear today. 

Fuck Carson Daly I'm out! You can be out too!

The truth is you can unplug too! It's easy! If you're reading this on your Smartphone then you have access to so much more than bullshit FM radio. Personally I use a free app called TuneInRadio which works world wide (even in Japan! ). Through this I can listen to any kind of music station (yes even your bullshit top 40 is there) and podcasts. Just use your blue tooth, to connect to any blue tooth ready device (earphones, car etc).You select the stations you want to hear and Shazam! Best of all it's free, with minimal commercials and no annoying radio Dj's! 

Why podcasts?

I got into podcasts because they are easy avenues to learn on the go. For example I throw on some Big Picture Science, while driving to work or running 10k in the mountains. Now my drive (or run) has transformed into a presentation on the latest discoveries in science from Physics to Psychology. 

Not into science? How about some stand up comedy?

There are also some awesome stand up comedy stations along with talks shows. I like listening to things I don't always agree with. That's why I listen to the Joe Rogan Experience. Sometimes I'm like fuck you Joe, other times I am surprised at the diverse perspectives of the interviews he does. 

The red pill or the blue pill

The choice is yours. But you really don't have to put up with being marketed to all the time. Especially when you're driving your car. Oh and if you get a chance (shameless plug here)listen to my podcast from my website or on iTunes, for free of course :) 

Drive Safe!

Social Gelo with Angelo

Angelo Ferrer (M.S. Psychology) 


POTTER, D. (2000). A vast wasteland. American Journalism Review22(9), 58-58.


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