One of the things I do is run English programs for children in the countryside of Japan. 

I used to think that in America we had a problem with parents blaming teachers for their childrens grades. But I'm realizing it might be a generational mindset.

Education is like running a marathon. In other words it doesn't matter who is ahead or who is behind. As long as you finish that's what counts. IF YOU QUIT YOU LOSE EVERYTHING. 

Think about it. What's better 70% or 0%.

Yes, some people are smarter than others, but if you have a teacher that is willing to work with what you got, that's priceless. 

So please stop competing with "The Smith's" your kids progress is their own and that's awesome for them. Also unless you have a teacher that's neglecting them, stop blaming teachers for your kids progress.

Everyone learns at their own pace and that's OK 👌

Much love to all the parents out their pushing their kids to learn something new. 

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Angelo Ferrer (M.S. Psychology)


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