As you can read in the title this story has a tragic ending. I am writing this as a call to all of the patriots I see on my Facebook feed constantly posting things about supporting our troops (while mixing it with their political views). Well here is your chance! Attached is the following article that gives a description of the car that struck and killed Staff Sargent Stan Morton (retired Marine).

Please share the article with everyone! His killer is still on the loose and needs to be brought to justice for Stan and his family!

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More than a Hero 

Now I wanted to take this moment to talk about Stan Morton as the person I knew him as. Yes he was a hero who fought for his country, and yes he was also a loving husband and father, but he was so much more than can be put into words.To be honest when I first met Stan I wasn't sure what to make of him. At the time he was dating his soon to be wife (my second mom) Debbie Morton and I was trying to figure him out.

I used to have my own strong opinions and stereotypes about the military. My grandfather also was in the marines and he fit more of the description that I had in mind, when it came to former military personnel. 

To test Stan I asked him:

What do you think about the U.S. involvement in Iraq and (current president) Bush?

His answer took me off guard. He said:

President Bush is my commander and chief and I have taken a vow to follow any orders he passes down. I may have my own personal opinions but they are irrelevant to the situation and my duty as a Marine. 

This articulate way of answering the question made me respect him even more. He was a man of honor and served his country. But he was also an intellectual. He never once spoke badly of his situation or his duty. Although I had my own opinions, he reminded me that he fought, in order for me to have the freedom, to the opinions that I had. Now I've asked this question to former military before and most of them would get in my face and question my patriotism. But instead, Stan made me see that although we walked on different paths, we were not all that different. 


Staff Sergeant Stan Morton and I had many long conversations about the military and his goals. On top of serving, he was also earning his degree through a distance learning education program. It was amazing the amount of work he put in to both his duty, family and education. He felt it was important not only to serve his country, but to also help his bothers in arms realize, that an education was important, if  they were  succeed as a civilians, once they finished their military careers. He would tell me about how he would tell this to the new recruits and the young Marines working their way up the chain of command. 

The Dj

Stan was also a DJ and a damn good one at that. He loved playing music and watching people have a good time! He didn't care what kind of music it was, his philosophy was to play what ever music put a smile on his clients faces! He even taught me how to rock the turn tables. Thanks to what he showed me, I was able to earn some extra money while finishing college. I will be forever in his debt for that. 

Focusing on life

These are just a few ways Sergeant Stan Morton effected me and my life. I decided to focus on these two stories because when ever I think of him, I remember these occasions. I'm sure there are millions more, but for me, these moments stood out the most. Well these and one time that me and Stan shared a bottle of Old English with Mad Dog 20/20 for my birthday. Either way, I know he is out there some where smiling. He was always smiling and making others laugh. This is how I have chosen to remember him. I believe Stan would want us to focus on his life and not his death so this is why I wrote this article. Please send your positive thoughts and vibes (prayers) to the surviving family. 

R.I.P. Staff Sargent Stan Morton



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