I was watching a video posted by the Huffington Post that showed news journalists teaching Americans how to throw a proper Cinco de Mayo Party. In between the clips, a Latina addressed the issues with Cinco de Mayo and culture appropriation. When it was finished she said that there is a right way and a wrong way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

I was still confused as to what is the “right way” to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?


Before I start here is a little history. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence day (that would be September 16). Cinco de Mayo is the victory of the Battle of Puebla over the French in 1862. Mexico fought off the French, using a small army that had less weapons.

Why are Liberal’s Angry?

Liberal’s are angry because they feel that Americans use Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to get drunk and not for its historical significance. Conservatives see this as another rant fueled by Social Justice Police and they feel it is an encroachment of their freedoms. Of course making fun of another culture is politically incorrect, but there is no law that says you can’t be an asshole and do it anyways.

Are Liberals being too sensitive?

Just the top headline will trigger some of my friends that I studied social justice with. But anyway, I find it interesting that my Mexican friends are at a split on this themselves. Some celebrate Cinco de Mayo and others don’t. I know that Cinco de Mayo brings a lot of tourism to Mexico, so economically it is to their benefit for Americans to party on this Mexican holiday. However, is this an issue for Mexicans or Social Justice Police?

What’s worse a society with no diversity or one that celebrates it?

A Society with no diversity

A society with no diversity does not celebrate other nations holidays, period. In fact monoculture societies don’t even know about the holidays of other countries. I live in Japan, I didn't see anything that indicated that Japanese people knew yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. Instead the new Star Wars Force Awakens movie was released and that is what took precedent in the News.

So what would you prefer acknowledgment or nothing?

It’s not just Cinco de Mayo

During Saint Patrick’s Day I saw videos that asked Americans not to call the holiday St. Patty’s Day. It seems that in our attempts to celebrate other countries holidays we have a tendency to piss the natives off (big pun intended there).


No matter where you stand on this, if you're an American, think about how America is falling apart because of our division. Our slogan is United We Stand, what follows is divided we fall. There has to be more constructive dialogue between the two camps. If the pendulum swings to hard to the left or right sooner or later there will be a backlash.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

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