I've been living in Japan for over three years. Every so once in a while someone will as me what I miss most about my hometown of  San Diego. My first answer is the diverse amount of food I had access to. Which brings to my many side quests to find out of the norm cultural cuisine in Japan! 

Off the beaten path

Himeji Japan is mostly famous for its main tourist attraction of Himeji Castle. But only a few blocks from this monster tourist spot, is a small family owned Korean Restaurant, that serves not only great food, but some awesome hospitality as well! 

As my wife and I walked in we noticed that the owners were having lunch while watching a Korean drama on T.V. It was not a very big restaurant, only about 6 tables and a few benches. But there seemed to be a second floor for bigger parties. 

The lunch menu was simple it consisted of Bibimba (Rice and Bean Sprouts), Sundubu (Spicy Soup )Sushi and Chijimi (a pancake like dish). There was more food and variety for dinner but lunch was fairly straight forward. 

I went for the Sundubu (Spicy Pork Soup with Tofu) 

As you can see in the picture it served in a hot pot and it was boiling when it arrived to the table. The owner asked me if I was okay with Spicy food

Karai Tabemono Daijyoubu Desuka (in Japanese ) 

I answered Karai Tabemono Daisuki (I love spicy food)


My wife went with the Bibimba 

All the food was very hot and the hot plates were boiling and sizzling. Now normally my wife and I take turns eating while one of us holds the baby. But my daughter Anna was trying to grab the Skillets! 

My wife sat back away from the table. The staff noticing that we were worried about my baby girl asked if they can hold her.

We said if you want, sure! Arigatougozaimasu (Thank you so much!)

It was such a kind gesture! We were blown away! The owners and their family just finished their lunch and took turns playing with our daughter so we could enjoy our lunch! 

They were shy but one of Anna's new Aunts allowed us to take a picture

We noticed that they were talking to her in Japanese and asked if they could speak to Anna (my daughter ) in Korean. They happily obliged. Anna loved it and she really had fun hanging out with her new Korean Aunts. 

Overall it was a great time and the staff was really kind! They have more of a variety available for dinner but if you want a nice quick lunch I would recommend it! The food was about 800 yen a plate so it was fairly inexpensive as well. 

Here is a link to the restaurant on Google Maps. If you are ever in Himeji you should check it out!


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