All of our lives are like stories that eventually end, some just end more abruptly than others. Certain stories have greater impact on some people more than they do for others. A few stories that you might wish would end soon, while other stories you wish would go on forever.

Some stories leave deep footprints in our souls like the tale of "Uncle" Stan "The Man" Morton, which was one of epic proportions. A story so profound that anyone who encountered it, was unable to resist the sentiment that unselfishly exuded from every moment in Stan's story. One of the few stories that stumbled into my life by mere chance, and has enabled me to enhance the depth of my own story.

A story which continually inspired others to re-look at their own thinking and to push themselves to expand their potential to its fullest.

A story which has been etched into the deepest recesses of my soul for reflection while my own story is still being written.

Now part of my story is to ensure others know, and never forget the tale of Stan Morton. A friend, a mentor, a father, a grandfather, a brother, a son, a master of musical arts, DJ of the soul of life, a communicator, a compassionate listening ear, a doctor of love, the pulse of the party, a joker, a confidant, a soldier, a leader, a protector, a symbol of living every second to its fullest, and so many more things to each individual who encountered his story; even if only in passing.

May he rest eternally in peace knowing he was and always will be deeply loved. When we sense his beats rocking out the rest of our departed ones in the spirit world, it will give those of us still writing our stories solace, in knowing that all those whom we have lost, are now in his competent hands.

Until the day each of our own stories end and we join your party in the spirit world, we will continue to remember his story fondly.

R.I.P. Staff Sargent Stan Morton 

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