Some people be mad at breakfast? How the fuck are you going to be mad at the most important meal of the day?

-Kat Williams (Comedian)

I’m constantly amazed at how hateful people can be angry all the time.  I’ve said this before in another post. It can’t be good for you.

No matter what you think your cause is, getting angry and focusing on the negativeis not going to solve anything.

Work on you and the rest will follow

Instead of trying to change the world, change yourself. The problem is that you see a separation between you and the rest of the universe. This type dichotomous thinking is causing a rift between what you want and who you are.

I’m going to change the world!

-The fool on the hill

The world will change on its own. In fact it is in a constant state of change. It may not be the change you want but that is irrelevant. Let me ask you this:

 "Why are you so driven to change the world?"

Is your perception of self so grand that you think you should be listened to and adhered?

I personally go on rants all the time (I’m a blogger, it’s kind of what we do). But I don’t get caught up thinking about how many people listen or care. I’m actually surprised when people share my articles. So my suggestion to all you world changers is:

"Work on your art and work on yourself the rest is just noise"

Don’t let your Ego get the best of you. Try to remove yourself from the outcome and immerse yourself in the process. Because the process is the reason you are doing the work. It is a cycle that you create and it can help you achieve all your dreams, or it can become your worst nightmare.

But ultimately it is your choice!


Have a great week folks!


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