I honestly didn't want to write about Kaepernick and here is a list of other things I wanted to write about that I felt were more important: 

1- We have been occupying the Middle East since 2003 and the war on terror seems never ending. See link -(here) 

2- North Korea launched a ballistic missile into Japanese (a U.S. ally that can drag us into another war) air space and we still don't why. See link - (here)

3-  California is suffering a drought due to the direct effects of climate change yet Nestle is still stealing water from our reserves and selling it in the name of capitalism. See link (here)

4- Racism and police brutality divided Americans right before an election that can determine WWIII or further occupation of the Middle East or both. See link (here)

5- The Pentagon lost 6.5 trillion dollars

let me say that again

6.5 trillion dollars lost!

 and they don't know where they don't know what they spent it on. See link (here)

Why I'm upset about Kaepernick

Considering other news you must forgive me for not caring about what some American football player did before a game that is over hyped and overpaid.

However, I'm upset that this is somehow a patriotic battle and Americans (all of us White, Brown, Black and Yellow) are arguing about who is and who isn't an American. While people who stand for every national anthem, loose 6.3 trillion dollars and not one person seems to bat an eye about it, because they are too busy arguing about a fucking football game!  

Did I miss the patriotic contest? 

Wake the fuck up people!

If you were born in America you are an American. If you immigrated to America you are an American. That's the beauty of America. But the ugly part of America is everyone reminding every other American that they are American and who is more American. While so called patriotic American rape the constitutional principals it was founded on.  

Quite literally in Brock Tuners case.See link (here)

Of course this issue is not new. During WWII Japanese Americans were reminded that they were not considered American when they were put into internment camps.  See link (here)

But it's 2016!

It is time to set a new precedent in America and start holding our government accountable for its blunders, not the individuals who are trying to get attention for themselves on national television. 

Things are not going to change if we just sit on our couches and smartphones consuming the information they are pumping into our sheep like brains. 

Learn, read and educate yourself. If you see something you like on Wikipedia look into the reading the book it was quoted from in the reference section. 

If not you will be subject to being a puppet of the U.S. media and politics for the rest of your life. 

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