Hi everyone! First of all I want to thank all of my followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook for making my podcast so successful! When I started this project I was hoping to keep my writing skills in tact and my research background going by running this thing called Social Gelo!

New Years in Japan

I'm a simple dude and usually do the same thing every year for New Years. In Japan there is a lot to do on New Years day so I don't really party the night before. Besides I'm not a young person (Japanese saying, ages 18 - 25, typically single) and I'm married with kids. So I tend to do what ever my family has planned. My family and I had some Sake with Osechi(Traditional Japanese New Years Food) and tomorrow I will probably visit the local shrine and temple to pray. If you're interested in what I do during New Years here is a video of what I did last year (which is the same thing I do every year) .


Plans for 2017

After all the drama of the 2016 election I decided that I will try not to focus on American politics. I understand that politics is a big part of a social structure but I feel that I was repeating myself a little too much. I also hate being like everyone else and I felt that my articles and podcasts were similar to the shit I see on Buzzfeed, only Buzzfeed  has a lot more money so they do a better job of it. 

More Psychology 

With that in mind this year you can look forward to more things about psychology and individual mental/physical health. I'm diving into the research and trying to provide things that will help my followers better themselves.

Yes, reading about how racism affects people is great, but I get the feeling there will be plenty of other people taking about social injustices this year. Rather than harping on the same things, I feel that talking about other subjects will bring more diversity to the internet and social media as well. Don't get me wrong, if something big happens, you bet your ass I'm going to write about it. Just not every week. 

Martial Arts 

I'm also turing my focus to MMA. Last year I won my first Semi-Pro Kick Boxing Bout. This year I want to do the same in the cage. This will take a tremendous amount of focus and effort but once I set my mind to it, I do it! So stay tuned for a few more things about marital arts as well!

New Years Resolution 

I believe that last year was the year of the troll.Therefore I will not longer be wasting time and giving internet trolls another year. My new motto and New Years resolution is :

Stupid people are everywhere. It's not my job to change that!

That being said I'm going to try not to let the stupid things people say irritate me and lead me to writing a article to help teach them. They don't read research articles anyways. If they did, then they wouldn't be stupid. So instead of feeding the trolls I'm going to let it go!

Thanks again everyone for following me! 

Happy New Years! I hope all of you have a wonderful 2017!


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