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Racism : A thin line between love and hate


Racism : A thin line between love and hate

There is a strange thing occurring in modern day racial relations. Everyone understands that racism exists but they get frustrated and angry when people of color bring it up.

Beyonce: I love her I hate her

Take for example Beyoncé's half time performance where she wore a black panthers uniform that outraged Fox news. Many people jumped on the bandwagon saying they hated Beyoncé for fanning the flames of racism in America. 

But a few days later continued to post videos of white folk dancing to her music at weddings. Apparently some people are not as offended watching others dance to her music. 


People hate when someone talks about racism because they know it is occurring but don't know how to stop it. This why they get angry when anybody brings it up. 

The data can no longer be denied but people will close their eyes and hope it goes away. 

Some will blame the victims in order to feel as if they brought this upon themselves. But what it comes down to is the rest of the world is watching and it is pretty obvious. 

The U.S. does and always has had issues with racism and discrimination

Are they really racist? 

I have to question if some people are really racist or just intoxicated by hate. After all the dopamine and adrenaline rush of hate is pretty addicting

I've heard people talk about how much they hate and resent Mexicans then after a few Coronas head over to the local taco shop and order their favorite Carne Asada burrito. 

I find it interesting that if they really hated the race so much. Why not boycott their products? 

Perhaps it's a struggle that they struggle with everyday. Hating and being addicted to hate. 

As a psychology major I find it fascinating how they project this concept. It's the reason I continue to write about it well after Grad School. 

The defense 

In their defense they are trying their best to fix it. Well some are. Also compared to the history of racism they have come a long way in a short amount of time. 

However only time will tell if the issue will ever truly be resolved. 

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Angelo Ferrer (M.S. Psychology) 


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